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Home Watch Checklist


Customer: _____________________ Date: _____________ Inspected by: _____________


Completed Comments
Remove solicitations, newspapers, phonebooks and debris
Sweep front entry
Check all doors & windows for signs of weather damage & vandalism
Check irrigation system & timer setting
Visual inspection of landscaping & weeds
Visual inspection of pool & spa area - water level, service
Check for signs of pests, wasp/bee nests & mold
Check faucets & hoses for leaks
Check & replace any burned out security light bulbs
Inspect screen enclosed patio for damage/tampering
Check mail box for mail/tampering


Completed Comments
Alarm system check
Check all doors/windows are locked
Check sinks, drains, showers and tubs for leaks
Check for signs of pest infestation
Check for signs of mold, unusual sounds or smells
Flush toilets, run faucets, check for leaks
Refrigerator - Operation & temperature settings
Dishwasher - Check for leaks
Garbage disposal - Operate, run waer, check for leaks
RO System - run water and check for leaks
Air Conditioning - temperature check - filters
Smoke Detectors - batteries
Security lights/timers - replace bulbs
Water Softener -salt level
Clothes Washer - check for leaks
Water indoor plants
Check that garage door opener is unplugged or locked
Start and run vehicle motor
Digital pictures inside and/or outside if required